Implant Dentures

For individuals who are missing several missing teeth, or all of their teeth, implant denture treatments offer an innovative solution. While traditional dentures have served as an effective teeth replacement option for decades, many people can experience ill-fitting results that require messy denture adhesives to help them stay in place. Implant dentures can resolve these issues by stabilizing the denture appliance and allowing it to function more like a natural set of teeth. Available from our dentists here at Germantown Dental Group, implant dentures take some of the most prominent benefits from both dental implants and traditional dentures and put them together to create a unique and effective way to replace missing teeth with beautiful results.

What Are Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures involve the combination of a select number of dental implants and a custom denture to replace multiple sets of missing teeth. This treatment, also referred to as implant-anchored dentures or implant-supported dentures, is designed to create more secure and stabilized dentures, reducing the potential for slippage along the gums without the need for denture adhesives. The dental implants can essentially serve as artificial tooth roots, becoming a permanent part of the mouth and serving as a foundation for the denture, ultimately leading to results that function and feel more like original teeth.

What Are the Pros of Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures offer a variety of potential benefits for patients who are missing several or all of their natural teeth, including:

  • More comfortable, better-fitting dentures
  • Replacement teeth that look, feel, and function in ways more comparable to natural teeth
  • Decreased chance of movement along the gums
  • Reduced likelihood of wear on the gums
  • No pastes, putties, or adhesives are required to keep the denture in place
  • Enhanced ability to speak and chew

What Are the Different Types of Implant Dentures?

There are numerous types of implant dentures. During your initial consultation, our dentist here at Germantown Dental group will evaluate your oral structures and talk with you about your options to determine which type of implant denture is the most ideal for your needs. Options include:

Partial Implant Dentures

Partial implant dentures can often be a good choice for patients who have multiple missing teeth, but not a full row of missing teeth, in a specific area of the mouth. This option can provide results that look and feel natural, filling in the gap between the original teeth that surround the missing teeth and preventing them from shifting.

An “implant bridge” can also be useful for replacement of a few missing teeth in a single area. Implant bridges function in much the same way as traditional dental bridges; however, they utilize dental implants on each side of the missing teeth rather than relying on nearby natural teeth for support.


The All-on-4® implant denture technique offers an innovative solution for patients who are missing all teeth on the upper and/or lower dental arch. This type of implant denture utilizes a total of four dental implants placed in strategic areas along the gum to support a full, customized denture appliance. All-on-4® can often be a good option for patients who would like to avoid replacing each missing tooth with a dental implant, as well as those who may not be candidates for replacement with full sets of dental implants.

In addition, All-on-4® is known as the “Teeth In a Day” procedure – in many cases, the implants as well as a temporary denture can be placed in a single office appointment. Once the implants have properly integrated with the jawbone and become a permanent part of the mouth, the final customized denture can then be affixed. All-on-4® is a revolutionary procedure that can help patients who are missing all of their teeth on the upper or lower arches renew their smiles, improve chewing and speaking, and achieve comprehensive dental restoration.


All-on-6 is a variation of the All-on-4® procedure that is designed to provide even more support for a customized denture. Some patients may not have the necessary bone quality to stabilize a full denture with only four dental implants. For these patients, All-on-6 may be the better option, as it involves the placement of two additional implants on each arch for greater security and a more durable foundation. Our dentist can determine whether the All-on-4® or All-on-6 implant denture treatment is best for your needs once your oral structures have been x-rayed and examined.

How Is the Implant Dentures Procedure Performed?

Once it has been determined that implant dentures are the right option for your needs, a customized treatment plan will be designed. State-of-the-art imaging and planning technology will be utilized to identify the location for placement of the implants that can yield the best possible fit for the permanent denture appliance. The implants themselves are composed of thin titanium posts that are anchored to the jawbone in the area where the teeth are missing. Over the next few months, the posts should fuse to the bone and become a solid basis of support for the denture. A temporary denture appliance can often be worn while this fusion process is underway; when it is complete, the permanent denture will be applied, which serves as the final step of the treatment process.

The results of implant dentures can last many, many years. In most cases, they do not need any additional maintenance other than regular oral hygiene routines. Implant dentures have helped many individuals replace multiple missing teeth with results that not only enhance their smiles, but their day-to-day lives as well!

How Much Do Implant Dentures Cost?

Since implant dentures treatment is completely customized to the needs of each patient, the total price of the procedure can vary greatly. Factors such as the number of implants that are necessary, whether preliminary procedures such as tooth extractions are required, fees for the laboratory and creation of the denture appliance, the overall complexity of the procedure, and other associated expenses will be taken into account. Our dental team understands that the cost of treatment is a very important factor, and we believe that everyone should have access to the care they need and desire, regardless of their financial situation. This is why we accept a full range of payment methods and work with reputable dental financing companies that offer qualified applicants flexible monthly payment plans to help make treatment as affordable as possible. During the initial consultation, a member of our team will produce a total cost estimate that includes all expenses associated with the implant dentures procedure. We will be happy to go over payment options and answer any questions you may have about finding the way to pay for your procedure that is most convenient for your budget.

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